Pineapple Is Not America’s Least Favorite Topping For Pizza

Pineapple has been knocked off of the throne of being ‘America’s least favorite pizza topping.’ A new survey commissioned by Donatos revealed the three least favorites in the following order: anchovies, pineapple and jalapeno peppers. So pineapple is still in the mix but down to the number 2 least favorite. Here are some other interesting findings from the Donatos survey:

  • 94% of people had eaten pizza within the last month
  • 47% said leftover pizza was great (Just 47%?)
  • 44 % said pizza makes a great breakfast food
  • 28% eat their slices pointy-end first
  • Less than 20% eat from the crust side
  • 17% fold it in half
  • 14% stack two slices on top of each other and eat them all at once
  • 8% cut their pizza with a fork and knife

And what would people be willing to do if they could get free pizza for a year?

  • 37% would be willing to get spoilers for all of their movies for a year
  • 33% would shave their bodies in their entirety
  • 32% would text one of their exes

And get this – the majority of those asked said they’d try plant-based toppings – even meat-loving pizza eaters, who said they’d eat more plant-based meat if it “tasted just as good” as the real thing.

SourceFood & Wine

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