Experts Say Be Prepared For A Valentine’s Day Shortage

 Grabbing last minute Valentine’s Day gifts may not work out this year.

Valentine's Day is coming up and experts warn supply chain issues could put a damper on the holiday. A perfect storm of bad weather and a global glass vase and flower shortage is hitting florists at just the wrong time. And if you do get those flowers, expect to pay more.

Not only that, but there’s a candy shortage. That’s why Hershey has stepped up production to try and fill up store shelves.

Rising inflation means the price of a dozen roses is up 22-percent from last year. Numbers compiled by the personal finance site “The Balance” shows the price of a 12-ounce box of chocolates up nine-percent from 2021 and if it's a romantic meal you're planning, the price of a premium steak is up a whopping 154-percent.

Valentine's Day is one week away.

Source: The Denver Channel

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