New Poll Says These Are 10 Grossest Words In English

Online language platform Preply recently conducted a poll to find the grossest word in the English language. After tens of thousands of votes, the winner? Pus, which got 9.799 votes. Most of the rest of the words in the list of the top ten vote-getters in the poll describe bodily fluids.

The complete list:

  1. Pus (9,799 votes)
  2. Phlegm (8,984 votes)
  3. Seepage (8,799 votes)
  4. Moist (8,234 votes)
  5. Splooge (7,893 votes)
  6. Fester (7,223 votes)
  7. Mucus (7,083 votes)
  8. Ooze (6,990 votes)
  9. Putrid (6,912 votes)
  10. Curd (6,344 votes)

Source: New York Post

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