82% of Americans Fell in Love at First Sight with Their Dogs

We really, really love our dogs.

And if you truly fell head over heels the moment you laid eyes on your adorable canine — you've got plenty of company.

Eighty-two percent of Americans fell in love with their dogs at first sight.

Also, one in four pet parents said they would actually die for their furry friends. 

These surprising new findings are according to a survey done by Pollfish on behalf of Rowan, a premium grooming company.

Cupid’s arrow struck dog lovers more than it did human partners. 

The survey found that a higher number of pet owners admitted their dog won their hearts over more than those who reported having fallen in love with a partner at first sight (77 percent). 

"Many of us adore our dogs, but these 'love at first sniff' confessions were a surprise even to us," Sally Clarke, creative director and co-founder of Rowan, noted in a press release. 

Dog owners are extremely "committed to making their dog’s well-being a priority, and in many cases, taking care of their dog is even more important than taking care of their human partner," Clarke also said in the release.

Here are some other key findings of the survey, out this week.

Thirty-six percent of Americans said their dog is their closest companion. 

Forty-six percent of Americans said they spoil their dog over their human partners.

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