Tinder Introduces New “Blind Date” Feature

If you’re sick of swiping left and right looking for love, Tinder has found a new way to help, and it’s based on a very old dating concept. 

The dating app has rolled out a new “Blind Date” feature, which pairs up users before they even see each other’s profiles. The app will pair potential mates based on how they answer a series of icebreaker questions like, “I put ketchup on____.” After matching with someone, the parties will be put in a timed chat, and once finished if they choose right, they’ll finally get to see the person’s profile and picture.

"Inspired by the OG way to meet someone new, usually at the hand of a meddlesome aunt or well-meaning friend, Blind Date gives the daters of today a low-pressure way to put their personality first and find a match they truly vibe with," Tinder said.

So, will this really help folks find matches? Well the dating app says that tests of the feature have led to 40% more matches than their “Fast Chat” feature, which allows folks to view profiles. They don’t know though if it actually led to more dates or relationships. 

Source: USA Today

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