12 Gross Habits That Can Ruin a Relationship

We all have some disgusting personal habits. They're sort of an unofficial part of being human, right?

But what happens when we get caught in the act of some socially unacceptable behavior — especially when we're in a relationship?

Judgment, embarrassment and dismissive cover-ups occur, of course.

While Sex in the City once dubbed gross habits as "secret single behavior," some brow-raising, off-putting behaviors aren't even discreet, and end up driving frustrated partners up the wall — if not out the door.

LifeHacker.com readers revealed some of the nastiest habits their partners have displayed in real-life relationships, and some of them are downright gag-worthy.

Gross Habits That Can Ruin Relationships

Check out the 12 grossest partner habits as revealed by LifeHacker.com.

Toenail Clippings Everywhere

"My boyfriend clips his nails and doesn't even do it over the trash can. He does it out in the open and they get all over the place. So gross."

Loose Hair in the Shower

"She usually clears the drain of hair because it doesn't drain otherwise. But the hair winds up on the side of the tub, traveling one-two feet instead of the whole five feet it needs to get to the trash can."

Deadly Farts

"My wife is a vegetarian, and she has the most smelly, deadly farts."

Beard Hair All Over the Couch

"My partner and I have been together for six years, and he refuses to shave his face. Instead of shaving he will sit on the couch and just pluck hairs from his face with his fingernails one by one and putting them on his shirt. Then once his shirt is covered in these little hairs, he will just flick them onto the couch, or the carpet, or wherever. I just don't get it."

Wiping Snot on the Sheets

"The grossest thing was she would blow her nose on the bed sheets or into her hand. Every time I'd hand her a tissue, but she never got the hint that I thought it was revolting. Or, more likely, she didn't care."

Leaving Used Tampons on the Sink

"[She] leaves her used tampons on the edge of the counter right next to the toilet, so if I sit down next, they're right there in my face. I say 'they' because they collect there. I collect them and throw them out once they start to smell."

Fecal Fetish

"When we're just chilling on the couch, she'll shove her thumb up my butt and suck on it like a child."

Open Bathroom Door Policy

"She s--ts with the door open, and leaves it open to 'air out.' I've told her a thousand times that I really don't like to hear her sh--ting, or watch her sh--ting, or listen to her scream stories to me from across the house while sh--ting... she thinks it's funny. We have both a window AND a ceiling vent/fan in the bathroom, with the latter being specifically designed to deal with this situation, but she thinks 'it doesn't work.' I have worked in construction for 20 years... I know it works, I can prove it, but it means nothing, and I will be smelling her sh--s from two rooms down until I'm dead."

Ants in the Pants

"We lived together in a place with a pretty bad ant problem. You couldn't leave anything out for even a second... My partner wasn't great about making sure her dirty clothes were properly stowed, and the ants absolutely LOVED her dirty underwear. To the point where it almost seemed like a kink. It was a constant battle to get her to put her dirty clothes in a place where the ants wouldn't get at it. I didn't even know that was a thing ants were into. Again, it's gross, but it's not really her fault."


Used Contact Lenses on the Floor

"My wife takes out her contacts at night and just flicks them where ever. Like the floor, the nightstand, or sometimes the wall (they stick when still wet). It's so gross. If you step on them, they stick to your feet."

Picking at Earwax

"He took a paperclip and bent it so that the smaller inner loop was at a right angle to the larger outer loop. Then while continuing to make eye contact while talking to me, he plunged it into his left ear and started spinning it around! Then he pulls it out, looks at the gunk collected in the metal loop, and proceeds to use his fingers to clean it off. After which, he bends it back flat again and uses it to clip work papers together! I was gagging!"

Trash in the Sink

"Probably tame to some here, but when cooking, she just throws the trash in the sink. Containers, trimmings, etc. So when it's time to clean up, I'm just scooping globs of those Styrofoam/plastic things meat comes packaged in, bags, chicken skin, vegetable waste, etc. All out of the sink (mixed in with the actual dirty dishes). I mean, the garbage is literally right there. Why is everything just being tossed in the sink?"

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