Study Says This Is the Ideal Age to Give Birth If You Want to Live Longer

Mothers everywhere might be pleased to hear they could get grandchildren a little sooner than they expected.

Scientists have found that women who give birth at 25 years old are likely to live longera new study from the University of Seoul in South Korea reported.

After surveying more than 4,000 women, the research team found that having children before or after the mid-20s increased the risk of dying by 5 percent, according to the findings published in the medical journal Maturitas.

Specifically, they linked older child-bearing ages with an uptick in cardiovascular disease, as well as “all-cause mortality.”

The trend of data was “U-shaped,” signifying that the risk of earlier death was greater the further the women were from their mid-twenties.

Researchers suggested that younger mothers were less likely to be in situations that cause an increased risk of physical or mental illnesses, and that childbirth puts more strain on older mothers.

Of the 4,044 women participants, the researchers compared 1,398 women who gave birth between 20 and 23, as well as 1,033 who first gave birth at 24 and 25 and 1,513 who had babies between the ages 26 and 36. They followed up with all three sample groups 18 years later.

Out of all the mothers throughout the course the study, 243 women died, with a majority of them falling in the younger mother population and one third in the older.

When studying survival rates of both cardiovascular disease and all-cause death, the sweet spot of 24 to 25 years was most resilient. Survival rates for heart attacks and strokes was 97.3% for the younger mom demographic, 99.6% for women in their mid-20s and 98.7% for older mothers 18 years after the birth of their first child. 

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