Stranger Reunites Ukrainian Mom With Her Kids At Border

A kind stranger reunites two Ukrainian children with their mother after their father is forced to leave them at the Ukraine-Hungary border. A Ukrainian father with his young son and daughter was fleeing the violent Russian invasion and attempting to take his children into Hungary when he was stopped by border guards.

Like all Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60, he was forbidden from leaving the country. Desperate, the man handed his children over to a woman he didn’t know to watch them until his wife arrived from Italy to get them. The woman, 58-year-old Natalia Ableyeva was given the mother’s cell phone number and the children’s passports and asked to watch the kids. The father then said goodbye to his son and daughter.

Natalia crossed the border with the children and waited on the Hungarian side at an area set up for refugees coming in from Ukraine. Fortunately, the children’s mother Anna Semyuk arrived a short while later and was reunited with the kids. Photos of the touching moment show her hugging her children and then hugging Natalia, the stranger she can thank for her children’s safety.

Source: NY Post

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