2 New Mexicans Fly To Ukraine In Humanitarian Effort

From KOB-TV: Russian forces are intensifying their attack on Ukraine. Supermarkets are out of food and thousands are fleeing to neighboring countries.

Rollin Jones, a Santa Fe firefighter, and Christopher Hammond, a northern New Mexico emergency room doctor, will both head to Ukraine Thursday to team up with a humanitarian rescue organization called the Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project.

“No joke, I'm super scared. Like, I'm definitely nervous about this, this is different than anything I've done,” said Jones.

“At my current stage of life, I don't know how to write policy, I don’t know how to change governments, I don’t have enough money to change the world, I feel like. So, what can I do? I can take the skill set really to affect humanity on a really personal level,” said Hammond. 

The Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project, a group of highly trained emergency responders, goes to places others don't want to. This time with one goal – to help save and transport people who are trapped in Ukraine.

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