STUDY: You Should Play Your Dog an Ed Sheeran Song Before They Go to Bed

Dog owners struggling to send their puppy to sleep at night should be playing Ed Sheeran songs it seems - after the popular singer-songwriter was ranked the most calming to canines.

Recent research conducted by Hillarys analysed the top sleep playlists on Spotify to find the best sounds for sleepy canines.

Ed Sheeran was labelled the number one artist to send dogs to sleep, with his acoustic song 'The Joker and the Queen' most popular, and Taylor Swift and John Mayer ranked in second and third place.

The study also revealed the most relaxing music to our furry friends is acoustic and instrumental sounds.

Hillarys conducted the research to celebrate World Sleep Day on 18 March, and also looked at the most soothing artists to send owners off to sleep - with The Weeknd, Drake and One Direction ranking top three.

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