Why So Many People Quit Their Jobs Last Year

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about the Great Resignation, but the reason why this is happening still remains a mystery to some. Well, a new survey now reveals the most common reasons why folks said goodbye to their jobs last year.

Not surprising, the most common reason folks quit their jobs last year was that the pay at their job was too low.

Other top reasons include:

  • No opportunities for advancement (63% - 33% major/30% minor)
  • Felt disrespected at work (57% - 35% major/21% minor)
  • Because of childcare issues (48% - 24% major/24% minor)
  • Not enough flexibility regarding hours (45% - 24% major/21% minor)
  • Benefits weren’t good (43% - 23% major/20% minor)
  • Working too many hours (39% - 20% major/10% minor)
  • Working too few hours (30% - 16% major/14% minor)

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