Jeni’s Ice Cream Brings Back “Everything Bagel”

Jeni’s Ice Cream is bringing back one one of their most controversial flavors: Everything Bagel. It was first introduced in 2014 and became one of their most-talked about flavors. It’s a cream cheese ice cream base with onion, real sesame and poppy seed “gravel.”

It disappeared initially shortly after its introduction but it’s coming back beginning March 21st online and at stores. Food writer Samantha Leffler says that the ice cream is a “practically perfect” balance of savory and sweet and “Instead of feeling like an intrusion into what is a very respectable cream cheese ice cream in its own right, the onions and garlic felt like a welcome addition.”

Don’t just believe her…aside from chatter in the Twitterverse, consider that they could have buried the stuff…but it’s BACK!

SourceFood Network

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