Police Issue Warning To Parents About TikTok’s Orbeez Challenge

Over the last few years, we’ve seen all kinds of TikTok challenges, from the Tide Pods challenge to swallowing cinnamon, and now there’s a new one, the Orbeez Challenge and it’s not as innocent as it sounds. Orbeez are brightly colored, soft-gel balls that can be used as sensory toys, for stress relief and can be added to slime, baths or crafts, but now it seems some folks are shooting them at each other for the social media trend.

As the Orbeez Challenge is becoming more popular on TikTok, police in several states are warning that people are getting hurt from it and those caught doing it could be facing jail time. So what is it exactly?

  • The trend has people shooting Orbeez balls at others using a gel-ball gun or an airsoft gun.
  • Facebook post from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida explains that multiple jurisdictions have had reports of people being hit by Orbeez fired from toy blaster guns. Deputies have arrested several teens for hitting random adults, kids and an Amazon driver and warn that “these shootings are crimes” and that “the Orbeez Challenge can get you in trouble.”
  • In Georgia, the Peachtree City Police Department reported an incident involving two kids that were shot in the face and torso with Orbeez that had been frozen to cause more bodily harm. Police charged two teens with Aggravated Assault for the incident.
  • “In some cases, it could result in felony charges and parents could also be liable for the actions of their kids,” the Peachtree City Police Department warned.
  • The Ocala Police Department in Florida also reports several incidents of people being randomly shot with Orbeez, but they haven’t made any arrests.
  • In a statement, Spin Master, maker of Orbeez, writes that “children’s product safety is paramount” and that they don’t manufacture or sell gel guns, adding that their toys are “not intended to be used as projectiles or inserted in mechanisms.”

Source: Parents

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