Hacks That Promise “Next Level” French Toast

French toast is a dish that has been around for quite a while, actually since the days of the Roman Empire according to Food & Wine. There are many ways these days to expand on the original – and BBC Good Food lists ten along with some recipes that include:

  • Rhubarb & Custard French Toast
  • Vegan French Toast
  • French Toast Bacon Butties
  • Spiced Banana Honey French Toast
  • Ricotta Strawberry French Toast
  • Bacon & Tomato French Toast
  • Chocolate & Banana French Toast
  • Brioche French Toast with Bacon, Banana & Maple Syrup
  • Mozzarella-stuffed French Toast

None of these touch your facncy? You can always prepare Hong Kong French Toast. It has a sweet jam in the middle of two slices of bread and then deep fried in egg and is found in tea shops all over Hong Kong. Epicurious has a recipe for it that calls for toast filled with peanut butter, soaked in a milk and egg mixture, fried until brown and topped off with butter and condensed milk. You’re welcome!

Source: BBC Good Food

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