Albuquerque Man Seeks Owner Of Box Found On I-40

From KOB-TV:

 An Albuquerque man is looking for the rightful owner of a tote box full of collectors’ items he says he found in the middle of I-40. Chris Cupit says it's not uncommon to find debris in the middle of I-40 out on Nine Mile Hill. 

“I’ve stopped and pulled a couple pallets and debris off the highway before just because I don’t like seeing wrecks,” Cupit said. 

But when Cupit found a green plastic tote in the middle of the road, something inside caught his eye. 

“When I came up, I grabbed it like this and the lid came off,” Cupit explained. “Some of the items in there especially the Muhammad Ali statue, it’s probably worth something, I doubt someone would just throw money away.” 

The box was full of other items that Cupit believes, belong to a collector. 

“If I can get it back to the rightful owner, that is what we are trying to do,” Cupit said. 

Now we won’t tell you everything that was in the box on purpose, Cupit wants the owner to be able to prove this box belongs to them. 

“If someone can get a hold of my wife’s Facebook or through messenger and let us know the rest of the content of the box then they can come pick it up ill meet them I’ll get it back to them,” 

Would it have been easier to leave the box on the side of the road? Sure, but for Cupit, he knows sometimes things mean more than they are worth. 

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