Study Says This Is Officially America's Favorite Vegetable

What’s your favorite vegetable? If you said broccoli, you’ve got good company! According to a new study, broccoli and carrots reign as the supreme vegetables throughout the country (70% and 69%, respectively), with spinach (55%) rounding out the top three vegetables Americans are most likely to eat.

Four in 10 Americans think being a picky eater is holding them back from trying new foods, especially vegetables. The recent survey of 2,122 Americans reveals that 38 percent won’t try a new veggie just because they’re too picky and 16 percent claim they don’t know how to cook other veggies outside their comfort zone. Only 30 percent feel confident that they eat a balanced diet most of the time, with one in four (26%) admitting that they only eat healthy once in a while.

When it comes to vegetables, people really are creatures of habit — 62 percent always buy the same veggies when shopping for produce. The most popular veggies bought each week include potatoes (61%), lettuce (61%), onions (55%), and carrots (53%).

While homestyle and hearty dishes are often regarded as comfort food, the survey suggests vegetables provide some level of comfort, as well. Two in three respondents who like veggies feel relaxed or peaceful after eating them. Carrots topped the list of veggies respondents would be most likely to include in a veggie tray (74%), followed by broccoli (65%) and celery (62%).

Carrots (34%) also join celery (33%) as the most dippable vegetables. More millennials said they’d pick up a carrot for dipping (38%), compared to those over the age of 57 (27%). Over half the poll would give select vegetables a second chance if they learned how to cook them properly (52%) or if they learned more about their health benefits (42%).

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