This Is What Americans Are Buying

Thanks to inflation, folks are spending a lot more money now on necessities. Because of the higher prices, some folks are being pickier about what they spend their money on, and a new report reveals where folks' money is going.

24/7 Wall Street has released a new report on what Americans are spending their money on. The results are based on Morning Consult’s U.S. Consumer Spending and Personal Finances Survey.

The monthly survey asks consumers questions about household income, spending, savings, debt, and housing payments.  Americans spent about $3,274 on household expenditures in February, up $141 from January.

Housing costs were the overall largest expenditure, with the average person spending $1,151, or 33.38% off their total expenditures.

Other Expenses Include:

  1. Housing ($1,151 a month)
  2. Grocery ($446)
  3. Utilities ($210)
  4. Recreation & entertainment ($174)
  5. Auto leases & loans ($160)
  6. Health Insurance ($153)
  7. Telecom ($140)
  8. Gas ($137)
  9. Car Insurance ($120)
  10. Restaurants ($99)

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