Most People Think Those Who Use Office Jargon Are Trying Too Hard

Most offices have that one person (at least), who relies on office jargon to get their point across in meetings, emails and more. And it’s pretty apparent that most people are not at all impressed by them.

A new British survey, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • 90% of people believe those who rely on office jargon are using it to hide their shortcomings.
  • 46% say these people come across as being desperate to impress.
  • Another 43% simply find such people irritating.
  • And office jargon can be a big red flag to potential employees.
  • 21% of people say they would run from a job interview and potential employer if they used to much business jargon.

So, what phrases do folks find most irritating?

  • "Blue-sky thinking,” meaning trying to find completely new ideas, tops the list, with 27% of workers saying it’s the most grating.
  • Other annoying phrases include:
    • Thinking outside the box (26%)
    • Low hanging fruit (23%)
    • Touch base (23%)
    • Stay ahead of the curve (20%)
    • Getting your ducks in a row (20%)
    • There are plenty of ways to skin a rabbit (18%)
    • Throwing a curve ball (17%)
    • Game changer (17%)

Source: The Mail

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