Woman Says She Found Solution To Fiancé’s Cleaning Laziness

It’s common for couples to fight over household chores, and one woman is being praised online for how she handled her boyfriend’s attitude when it comes to housework.

The woman shares on Reddit that after she and her now fiancé moved in together she noticed he was “terrible at picking up after himself,” describing him as a “mama’s boy,” who had little experience being on his own. Not surprising, they began arguing about household duties, with the OP accusing him of treating her like “his maid,” but he insisted they “both clean up equally.” The fiance then suggested they “split the house” when it came to cleaning, and to teach him a lesson, she took the suggestion literally.

The OP took out painters tape and split “every single room in half,” with plans for the split to last a month. She says her man quickly realized his half of the house was “a pigsty,” noting the deal lasted “not even a week.” It didn’t help that the fiancé had nothing to eat, since the OP “stopped grocery shopping and cooking for him.”

  • “He bought me flowers and chocolate, apologized for his behavior and started learning how to be an adult," she writes. "We are eight years into this relationship, and he is an amazing man, we are about to get married."
  • And folks on Redditt were quite impressed with how she handled the situation
    • "Thank you so much for doing this for him," wrote one self-proclaimed “ex-momma’s boy.” "I didn't figure this out until I was forced to live on my own for the first time...You gave him the opportunity to learn and he took it with both hands."
  • Many found themselves in similar situation, but with a less than happy result.
    • As one noted, “I basically tried this and he didn't give a s*** about the mess, my feelings, or fairness and so we got divorced eight years into our relationship." 

Source: Newsweek

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