Most Americans Plan To Travel More This Year

Americans are sick of staying home, which is why there are a lot of folks planning vacations for 2022. So, what is motivating everyone to travel again? 

A new ValuePenguin survey finds:

  • 45% of Americans plan to travel more this year than last year.
  • Most plan to take, on average, three vacations this year.
  • The most common reasons why they’re traveling include:
    • They feel safer because they are fully vaccinated (53%)
    • They want to see friends and family they couldn’t due to the pandemic (41%)
    • They want to make up for lost time (41%)
  • But not everyone is ready to get back out there. The top reasons folks aren’t traveling include:
    • Worries about COVID-19 variants (51%)
    • Saving money for other things (37%)
    • Inflation is making travel more expensive (28%)
    • Traveling is too complicated these days (14%)
    • Just not interested (12%)

For those who are traveling, many are ready to splurge on their trips.

  • In fact, 53% of people say they will spend $3,000 or more on vacation.
  • Only 39% spent that last year.
  • As for the types of trips people will be taking, they include:
    • Family vacation (52%)
    • Visiting loved ones (33%)
    • Vacation with friends (26%)
    • Romantic getaway (20%)
    • Bucket list trip (19%)
    • Celebrating a life event (16%)
    • Holiday celebration (14%)
    • International trip (14%)

Source: ValuePenguin

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