Recreational Cannabis Sales Start Today In New Mexico

From KOB-TV:

Adult-use cannabis sales will be legal statewide, starting April 1. The Cannabis Control Division of the Regulation and Licensing Department has provided important guidance to consumers in order to safely participate in this new market:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I smoke cannabis in public? No. Smoking cannabis in public is prohibited by the Cannabis Regulation Act and is punishable with a citation and a fine up to $50. Public consumption of any kind, including edibles, is prohibited.
  • Where can I smoke cannabis? The best place for New Mexicans to smoke or consume cannabis is at their home or another private residence.
  • What about a park? Parks, as public spaces, are also not places to smoke. Consumers should be even more careful on federal lands as even the possession of cannabis is illegal at the federal level and those laws are federally enforced.
  • How much cannabis can I buy? Eligible recreational users can buy up to the legal possession limit at one time – that's two ounces of cannabis, 16 g of concentrate and 800 mg of edibles. There is no monthly or weekly limit. Medical patients can purchase up to 15 ounces every 90 days.
  • Can I have cannabis with me when I'm in public? Is it OK to keep in my purse or in my car? Adults 21 and over can legally possess up to two ounces of cannabis, 16 g of concentrate and 800 mg of edibles. Any more than the above levels must be stored in a private residence, out of public view. If cannabis products are in your car, remember that you may not consume cannabis and operate a motor vehicle.
  • Can employers ban my use of cannabis? Yes. Workplaces set their own rules based on the needs of their workplace. Be sure to check your employer's rules for cannabis consumption prior to consuming.
  • Will cannabis be available for sale in all New Mexico counties? Not necessarily. While adult-use cannabis sales are legal from licensed retailers in every county, not every county will have a licensed retailer. The Cannabis Control Division recommends doing a quick online search to find retailers near you.
  • Can my city or town ban adult-use cannabis facilities? No. Local communities can place reasonable time, place and manner restrictions on cannabis businesses to reflect community needs and values. However, a local community cannot outright ban cannabis businesses. The only exception to this is consumption areas. Local jurisdictions can opt out of allowing consumption areas, if that is the right decision for them.

To date, 151 retail licenses have been issued by the state, covering nearly 250 locations. However, not all locations will be open Friday. The CCD encourages consumers to do their research online and find a retailer near them that is open for business.

For more information on cannabis rules and regulations, click here

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