Cruise Ship Fans, A New List Ranking The Best Is Out

Cruise ship fans, it's almost time to set sail. If you have been thinking about taking a long voyage, here is a list of the best cruise liners out there.

Like everything else, cruising was halted during the pandemic, but now that they have started up again, more Americans are ready to hit the water. In fact, survey found 41% of Americans are considering a cruise in the future. 

But with so many cruise lines to choose from, picking the right one could be the key to a vacation that’s amazing, and now a new report reveals which are the best cruise lines out there.

  • has come out with their 2022 Member Choice Awards, revealing the Best Cruise Lines out there.
  • The winners were chosen based on review rankings submitted by over 4,000 members who sailed in cruises in 2021.
  • The Awards are broken down in a variety of categories, including Best Mainstream Cruise Line, Best Cruise Line for First Timers, Best Cruise Line for Food and more.
  • Topping the list as the Best Mainstream Cruise Line is Royal Caribbean, which is also the Best Cruise Line for First Timers, Couples and Families, as well as Best Cruise Line for Activities.
  • Celebrity Cruises earns the title of Best Premium Cruise Line, and also earns the title Best Cruise Line for Food & Dining.
  • Princess Cruise Lines earns top honors for Best Service and Staff. 

Best Mainstream Cruise Line

  1. Royal Caribbean
  2. Disney Cruise Line
  3. Norwegian
  4. Carnival
  5. MSC

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