Frito-Lay Introduces Cracker Jill

Snack company Frito-Lay is introducing a new face to its famous Crack Jack line. Bags of Cracker Jill will be available at baseball parks across the country starting this week to coincide with Opening Day.

Frito-Lay says the addition of Cracker Jill is to celebrate women in sports and also announced a 200-thousand dollar donation to the Women's Sports Foundation. It’s not a limited edition, either. The snack will be a permanent member of the Frito-Lay roster!

There are five different representations of women on the special-edition bags created by by artist and model Monica Ahanonu.

To mark Cracker Jill's introduction, singer Normani recorded an updated version of "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" where she sings, "Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jill. No one can stop you if you have the will." 

Source: Yahoo 

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