Husband Introduced Wife As His “Housewife”, People Are Furious

When you marry, most folks expect that their spouse will show them the respect they deserve, but one woman just realized her man may not be doing that and it’s causing some major drama.

The women explains in Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole” forum that her husband recently invited some co-workers over for dinner and she was appalled at how he introduced her. She notes “he introduced me by gesturing at me and saying, ‘this is Mrs. Smith (didn't even say my name) ...the housewife!’”

While there is nothing wrong with being a housewife, she isn’t one, and works a full-time job, so she let it be known. “I looked at him for a second then I started laughing hysterically,” she writes. “I then said ‘no honey I work full time and YES I still act like a housewife when I'm home because you simply can't bother to help.’”

Needless to say this didn’t go over well. He tried to laugh it off, and then changed the subject, but she says “dinner went super awkward with him giving me looks and stares.” After everyone left, she shares, “he blew up saying I embarrassed him by laughing like a lunatic,” adding that her little comment ruined “his image” in front of his co-workers. She insisted it was wrong for him to lie about her, but he just said she should waited to discuss it privately, instead of “making his coworkers think he's useless.”

  • The OP now wonders if she was out of line, but pretty much everyone on Reddit agrees that she is not.
    • “He diminished (being a housewife is not a ‘low’ role, but he meant it that way) you in public,” one person replied, “you corrected him. In public. As he deserved. Talk sh--, get hit (verbally).”
    • “He didn't even need to tell the full unvarnished truth,” another commented. “He could have just said ‘my wife’ instead of ‘the housewife’ as though she's his hired help or some bullsh-t.”
    • Finally, another added, “He SHOULD be embarrassed because he embarrassed HIMSELF!”

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