NY Times Develops Helper Bot To Keep Your Streal Alive In Wordle

Are you one of the millions of people hooked on Wordle? If you wish you had just a little help getting started, the folks at the New York Times have just the bot for you.

WordleBot is a tool designed to give helpful hints in case you get stuck trying to keep your winning streak alive. It won't give you an outright thumbs-up or thumbs-down, but it does have a few basics to share, like:

  • "Crane" is the best starting word.
  • It also found that crate, slate, slant and trace are very good guesses, as are lance, carte, least and trice.

WordleBot has perfect knowledge of the 2,309 solutions stored in its memory. For the record, "crane" has never been the actual solution to the game.

The bot offers different analysis every day, and just so you know, it doesn't store any of the thousands of weird and obscure five-letter words that are floating out there in the universe, so there's no need to grab your thesaurus.

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