Wingstop Is Selling Chicken Wings It Says 'Taste Like 4/20'

Wingstop is launching limited-edition chicken wings it says are "designed to taste like 4/20," a reference to the date celebrated by cannabis consumers.

The wings are flavored with hemp seeds, strawberry, cayenne pepper, and terpenes, which are compounds found in high concentrations in cannabis plants. On Wingstop's menu, the "Blazed & Glazed" flavor is described as "sticky, sweet, and herbal" and is given a two out of five rating for spice.

"The new flavor is designed to taste like 4/20 – capturing the herbal notes of the holiday and may even produce a mouth-tingling sensation – although the flavor won't actually get you high," the company said in a press release.

Wingstop said this is the first time it's made a custom flavor for 4/20, a day of cannabis-based celebrations. Wingstop said "Blazed & Glazed" was launched in all of its US restaurants on Monday and will be available until Friday.

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