Trader Joe's Employees Spill the Beans on What NOT to Buy

Trader Joe’s employees have warned customers to avoid the frozen food section and to buy their fruit and vegetables from elsewhere.

Four unnamed workers revealed a list of products that shoppers shouldn’t buy when visiting their local store.

One worker said the frozen produce is too expensive, according to Business Insider.

While another claimed shoppers should go elsewhere when it comes to buying frozen fruit.

The cuts of meat on offer are too expensive although they are of good quality, a worker said.

And, a different employee told Insider that savvy shoppers could get better value for money if they looked around for their fruit and vegetables.

Employees that work at Trader Joe’s are not fans of all the products on offer to customers.

The chain often sells its seasonal goodies around holidays or specific months.

The Jingle Jangle is sold around Christmas time, while its Pumpkin Ginger Mini Hold the Cone! ice cream cones can be picked up during fall.

Popcorn flavors are endless at Trader Joe’s. One of the quirky products is called “Popcorn in a Pickle”.

The Trader Joe’s website states it’s a “sure sign that summer is on the way”.

Its flavors are “bold completely fresh and prodigiously pickle-y”.

But, one worker told Insider: “Some stuff is just not my cup of tea”, referring to the popcorn.

Meanwhile, a former Trader Joe’s employee, who worked at the store for three years, blasted customers that don’t pick up their trash.  

They told Business Insider that leaving empty cups creates a “nuisance” for employees, according to the former worker.

They said it’s “unsanitary” to leave open packages.

The ex-worker also urged shoppers not to blame staff if the parking lot at their local store is small.

Parking lots and stores may be smaller than shoppers would like, but berating employees about the lack of space is futile.


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