Experts Tips On How To Add Another Pup To Your Family

Thinking of adding a new pup to your family? If you’re already a one-dog household, you’ll need to consider the best ways of introducing your new doggo to your old one. Here are some tips to make the transition from one pup to two easier for everyone.

Make a good introduction. If the first time the pups meet goes south, it can take a lot of extra work to get back on track. Keep both dogs on a leash and have them meet outside or in another neutral space.

Remain calm. Dogs feed off of their owner’s energy, so make sure to remain calm and not let your frustration get the best of you.

Take breaks. Don’t expect the pups to become best friends overnight. It’ll take time – so take breaks between meetings if you can.

Figure out the triggers. Older dogs are sensitive – they may be dealing with pain or might just be more irritable. Try to set up meeting times when you know your dog will be in a better mood, if possible.

Let the dogs decide the pecking order. Some dogs are more dominant than others, and it might surprise you to find out which is which in your household. Don’t have predisposed ideas about it – just let the pups figure it out among themselves.

Burn some energy. Take the dogs on separate walks before meeting, if possible. This way they won’t be as wound up when meeting.

Get back to the basics. Consider the basic obedience training you went through at the beginning with your pup. Make sure they still remember their names when you call and still respect your commands. If not, separate them and try again after some time has passed.

Do NOT just leave the dogs alone and hope for the best. This will almost never work out how you hope.

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