Lottery Winner Splits $1 Million In Good Deed Payoff

A Massachusetts man wins a $1-million lottery jackpot and splits the winnings with another man as repayment for a good deed. Last week, a man in Methuen was picking up his son’s guitar at the local music shop. The shop’s owner had heard that Cochrane’s son had health issues earlier in the week, so he didn’t charge him anything for the repair.

Cochrane insisted that Galvin take at least $40, but he refused to take the money. So Cochrane told Galvin that he was going to buy two $20 scratch-offs and said, “If I win $1-million, we are splitting it.”

Well, as luck would have it, one of those games was a $1-million winner and just an hour later the two men were on their way to the Massachusetts Lottery headquarters to collect their winnings. They chose to receive the cash option, which meant the men got to split $650-thousand before taxes. So it seems it does pay to do good deeds!

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