Americans Top Goals For This Year

We are already a quarter done with 2022, and it seems plenty of folks are getting busy because they have a lot they want to accomplish this year.

A new survey finds:

  • 62% of Americans say they have more life goals they want to accomplish this year compared to previous years.
  • Among the top life goals folks are hoping to get to this year:
    • Take a domestic vacation in the U.S. (44%)
    • Take a vacation abroad (39%)
    • Purchase a car (38%)
    • Attend a concert or festival (37%)
    • Attend a sporting event (36%)
    • Buy a new summer wardrobe (35%)
    • Buy a home (35%)
    • Attend a wedding (34%)
    • Furnish a home/apartment (34%)
    • Move to a new city/state (31%)
    • Plan a wedding (28%)
    • Move in with a significant other/partner (28%)
    • Get pregnant / Have a child (26%)
    • Get engaged (26%)
  • The fact that the top two goals pertain to travel is a bit surprising.
  • But of those with travel goals on their minds...
    • 64% are planning a group trip with family and friends.
    • 50% are planning a road trip.
    • 48% are planning a bucket list vacation.
  • When it comes to wedding-related goals:
  • The average person expects to be invited to four weddings this year.
  • 28% are actually planning a wedding.
  • Of those attending weddings, the average person spends $2,877 with that going up to $3,260 for folks in the wedding party 

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