Dog That Went Missing 11 Years Ago, Found

A Yorkshire Terrier is reunited with his owners after being missing for 11 years. In 2010 Marzena Niejadlik adopted Rex, a Yorkshire Terrier, to comfort her mother and her after her brother passed away. The next year, Rex got out of their Dorchester, Massachusetts home one day and they believe someone must have taken the pup home with them. They searched, filed a police report, and posted fliers, but never saw Rex again.

That is until last week when they received a call from Michelle Carlos, an animal control officer in Stoughton. Carlos had received reports of a lost Yorkie wandering the streets. When she scanned the pup for a microchip, Marzena’s information came up. In the years since Rex disappeared, his owner moved from Dorchester to Quincy, but she still had the same phone number, so Carlos was able to contact her. She immediately made the half hour drive to Stoughton to get Rex.

Much has changed in Marzena’s life since Rex disappeared. She now has nine-year-old twins, who weren't alive when Rex was around and had only heard stories about him, but are loving getting to know him. Rex’s return couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, either, as Marzena just lost her other brother a couple of months ago. “We got him after the first tragedy, and now he’s back after the second one to help us deal with this loss," she says.

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