Need More Sleep? You're Not Alone

We all know that sleep is very important for our health and well being, and it turns out a lot of folks will do anything just to get some more time in dreamland.

A new survey finds:

  • 81% of people say the amount of sleep they get directly affects their physical health.
  • Another 72% say the same about their mental health.
  • 25% say they usually snooze their alarm because it improves their relationships with friends, family and co-workers.
  • 60% say they have a better relationship with their partner when they get more sleep. 

This could be why so many people try to extend their sleep whenever they can.

72% of people say they snooze their alarm between one and four times each morning.

  • Two-thirds of people say snoozing is part of their daily routine.
  • Wednesday is the day people are most likely to hit snooze (40%), while 28% will do it on Monday.
  • Half will hit snooze more at the beginning of the week, than the end.
  • People are more likely to hit snooze on Saturday than Sunday (20% vs. 9%). 
  • And getting more sleep is so important to people, they’d be willing to do just about anything for one more hour of sleep, including:
    • Never use a spoon or knife to eat again (33%)
    • Give up their favorite streaming service for a year (30%)
    • Wear their most uncomfortable shoes for a week (29%)
    • Eat the same food for dinner every day (28%)
    • Never go to a concert or sporting event again (28%)
    • Sleep on the floor for a month (24%) 

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