Experts Say These Are The Best Ways To Cut Back on Your Online Shopping

We all shop online, maybe a little more than we should. If you're looking to cut back, you're in luck -- thanks to the folks at GoBanking.

Their suggestions include:

Delete saved payment info. Saving your credit card info makes it quicker to make online purchases -- and that's the whole problem. If it takes longer to go through the process, you'll have more time to think it over.

Unsubscribe from e-mails. Trying to get items for less is smart, but jumping on every sale that comes through your inbox isn't. Unsubscribe from emails from the stores you’re always buying from so you’re not browsing every day.

Leave it in the cart. Sometimes we resort to online shopping to cure boredom. Next time you’re shopping online, fill up your cart with the items you like, but hold off on hitting "buy." Come back later and, if you still really want the items, go ahead and do it. Most likely, you'll back off on some, if not all.

Block shopping sites. If nothing else works, play hardball with yourself. If you primarily use Firefox to browse the web, try LeechBlock, which keeps you from visiting sites you visit frequently so you can’t visit them during the workday, for example. If you use Chrome, you can try out the free browser extension StayFocusd, which works in a similar way. 

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