Most Mom's Are Stressed About Summer Break

School is almost out for a lot of kids across the country, and while they may be excited, the end of the school year brings added stress to moms out there.

A new survey of moms with kids five to 12 finds:

  • 59% struggle planning summer activities to keep their kids busy and entertained.
  • Among the major obstacles:
  • 46% say it’s a challenge to find both outdoor and indoor activities that will keep kids entertained for long periods of time.
  • 43% have a hard time getting their kids into activities due to high demand.
  • 42% struggle finding new ideas for things to do, so it’s not the same every year. 
  • 47% of parents are actually happy about summer, while 45% say they are excited.
  • But 53% admit it’s challenging to find family friendly summer activities for the weekends.
  • But even with all that, 70% of moms do look forward to the end of school and having their kids home for the summer.
  • 62% mark the end of the school year with certain traditions.
  • Some of those traditions include:

Making a photo of my kid(s) at the end of each grade they finish (50%)

  • Burning old homework, schoolwork or workbooks (49%)
  • Writing “thank you” notes to their teachers (48%)
  • Storing all school-related items in their closets (46%)
  • Getting ice cream (43%)
  • Decorating the sidewalk with chalk art (40%)
  • Throwing a party (38%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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