World's First Human Dog Bed Is 'Dream Come True' for Jealous Pet Owners

Have you ever looked at your dog fast asleep and felt envious of their cosy bed?

According to two university students in Vancouver, a lot of people have - which is why they've created the world's first giant dog bed for humans.

Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita co-founded the Plufl and have gone viral online for their unconventional creation.

They claim the ginormous bed is the "ultimate napping solution" and helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

The Plufl has received huge support online with more than $240K raised from Kickstarter crowd funding.

One TikTok video shared by the brand has been viewed 9.5 million times, and fans are agreeing it's a "dream come true".

One person commented: "OMG, this is my dream" while another said: "If I purchased this, I would never leave it."

It was given the seal of approval by one TikTok user who said: "As someone who works at a vet clinic and takes naps on the huge dog bed instead of the couch during night shifts I highly approve."

Though many people have shared their disappointment at the staggering price, with it costing £320 on sale.

"I had so much hope it wouldn't be too expensive," a follower said.

Though the brand explained in a comment: "Our price reflects the cost of producing Plufls using ethical production and sustainable materials."

It is made from four-inch thick memory foam, orthopaedic foam and faux fur to provide a comfortable experience.

The bed can fit two people and the cover is anti-microbial and machine washable.

In a promotional video on Kickstarter, the founders explained that they were inspired by a Great Dane named Lady in their local coffee shop, who had a giant customisable dog bed.


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