We've Been Using Post-it Notes All Wrong!

A man has now delivered the jaw-dropping news that we’ve actually all been using Post-it Notes wrong – and the right way will change everything.

In a now viral video, TikTok user @aliabdaal wrote to his 97,000 plus followers: “I was today years old when I realized I’ve been using post its all wrong,” alongside a mind blown emoji.

He then explained in the clip: “They should teach us this in school. You’re probably using Post-it Notes wrong – here’s how you use them properly.”

He continued to show the normal method of ripping a Post-it Note from the top of the pile and attaching it to a surface with the sticky part at the top – before the edges curled up.

He explained: “Normally, we rip off Post-it Notes like this, but the problem is it then wants to naturally unstick itself.”

Next, he revealed the ridiculously simple trick to stopping this from happening – and people can’t believe they hadn’t thought of it before.

@aliabdaal continued: “Instead, you should rip them off sideways because then it sticks properly.”

True to his word, he then showed the alternative method and it works exactly like he says.

Ever since he posted the video, which has over 7,000 likes, it’s had everyone talking.


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