Nearly 50% of Americans Don't Feel Like an 'Adult' Until They're 30

A recent survey of 2,000 Americans found adulting takes some time. While 53 percent felt like an adult when they hit 18, many say it took until they turned 29 for adulthood to truly sink in.

That might be one of the reasons why two-thirds of respondents believe 18 is an “arbitrary age” at which to consider someone an adult. Results found 59 percent still don’t always feel like an adult — and 79 percent of respondents agree that being an adult is more about actions than age.

Signs you’re adulting

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Avocado Green Brands, the survey delved into the different actions that have helped respondents to feel like an adult. Topping the list was living on their own (30%) for the first time, followed by buying a house (28%) and getting married (27%).

Rounding out the top five adult-like actions are opening their own bank account (27%) and having kids (26%). However, less traditional milestones also made the list, including a quarter of respondents who think doing their own taxes made them feel like an adult. The same number selected paying for their own phone plan.

Interestingly, both voting and buying “real” furniture feels like an “adult thing” for 25 percent of respondents. About a fifth felt like more of a grown-up after purchasing and wearing business casual clothes (19%) and after they started consistently watching the evening news (18%).

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