What Your Handwriting Reveals About Your Personality

You might not realize it, but the way you write can reveal a lot about you. There’s actually a practice of analyzing handwriting for personality that’s been around for hundreds of years called graphology. And it can reportedly reveal more than 5-thousand personality traits … just from the way you write.

So how does your handwriting give clues about your personality?

  • Size of letters - Master graphologist Kathi McKnight explains that people who write large letters are people-oriented and attention-seeking. And on the flip side, those with small handwriting tend to be introverts with strong focus and concentration skills.
  • Tilt - Even the way you slant your letters is revealing. If you tilt to the right, you’re most likely friendly, but impulsive, while those who lean left with their writing are more reserved and introspective. And writing with no slant at all shows you’re logical and pragmatic.
  • Pressure - How firmly you write can indicate things about your personality as well. Those who use heavy pressure have strong emotions and are quick to react and light pressure writers tend to be more easy going and have no trouble moving from place to place.

And according to a viral personality test, the way you hold your phone can say a lot about you, too:

  • Hold it with one hand, using your thumb to maneuver - This is the most common way to hold your phone and it shows you’re carefree, happy and self-assured and can take what life throws at you without complaining.
  • Hold the phone with one hand, using the thumb of the other hand to scroll - You tend to be pragmatic, caring and would rather be cautious than take chances.
  • Hold the phone with both thumbs on the screen - This shows you’re the life of the party and you’re known for quickly coming up with solutions to challenges.
  • And finally, scrolling with your index finger - Those who hold the phone in one hand and use their other index finger to maneuver are likely extroverts with vivid imaginations and may be shy in romantic relationships.

Source: NY Post

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