Millions Of Americans Will Hit The Road For The Holiday

Memorial Day is right around the corner and it's expected to be the busiest since the pandemic hit.

Despite gas prices being historically high, over 34-million people plan to travel by car. That's up almost five-percent from last year. Although the amount of people traveling is on an upward trend, it's still not quite at pre-pandemic levels.

Only 237-thousand people will take another mode of transportation.

As for when to head out, Thursday and Friday will see the most congestion on the roads to the point where your travel time could double.

Gas prices won’t be coming down so plan on taking extra cash. AAA says “We typically find when pump prices increase, travelers look for more free activities or eat out less while on vacation, but still take their planned trips.” To put a kink in the gas situation, the Colonial Pipeline, which delivers 45% of fuel to the East Coast is offline due to a cyberattack. That means prices will jump in the region.

Source: AAA

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