America’s Favorite Pizza Chains Are…

Just about everyone loves pizza – that’s a fact. Generally speaking, they’ve also got a local favorite – but sometimes, ya gotta hit a chain. Now, the TOP Agency research firm has compiled some stats regarding America’s favorite pizza chains.

It may sound a little creepy, but they apparently analyzed offline GPS data of millions of Americans along with connections to 12 of the largest pizza chains across 48 states in the US. That’s how they determined the top five chains in each state and learned a lot about American pizza consumption preferences.

The top five pizza restaurants in every state can be found on the map HEREbut apparently, Little Caesar’s came in at number one in 16 states – making it the most popular pizza chain in the country (by the number of state victories). Other findings include:

  • New York is surpassed by 30 states in pizza consumption per person.
  • Pizza chain restaurants are very popular in the majority of the country, but mom-and-pop pizzerias remain a good choice.
  • In 2022, there’s been a 32% increase in overall visits to pizza chains
  • 54% of people say that pineapple does not belong on a pizza.

SourceTop Agency

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