Why Some Millennials Are Choosing The DINK Lifestyle

The days of everyone asking a childless couple “why don’t you have a kid” are fading, it seems. Many couples are embracing the DINK lifestyle and are proud to share the info. DINK means “dual income, no kids.”

The phrase was coined in the 80s but is taking hold now just like living without children is. Partners opt to live together with no plans for kids and live their best life. Some of the bonuses of the lifestyle include having the freedom to make last-minute dinner plans, play in sports leagues, and take trips.

The one place the stigma is really disappearing is online. DINK groups are popping up and they are a great place to talk about being a pet parent instead, among other topics. And just because DINKS don’t have kids doesn’t mean they don’t like them.

Being a DINK, though, is not for everyone.

Source: Yahoo!

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