Woman Accidentally Posts Naked Selfie on Air Fryer eBay Listing

An eBay seller trying to flog her air fryer accidentally posted a topless selfie alongside her product listing, which showed her wearing just her undies..

Emma Jones, 26, was initially puzzled when she was bombarded with hundreds of new friend requests on Facebook and Instagram, with some crude messages asking if the fryer came with 'melons'.

However, it soon dawned on her what had happened after she checked out her Ninja Foodi Max online auction.

The mortified shop assistant was left "shaking with panic" as she realized she'd mistakenly uploaded a topless pic of herself standing before a full-length mirror.

The listing, which describes the kitchen product as 'previously used' and with 'some signs of wear and tear', clocked up more than 117,000 views, with a maximum bid exceeding $1,250 in 24 hours before Emma finally cottoned on.

Emma believes the nude snap was taken the day before she took pics of the fryer ahead of a diet, and she believes she clicked it accidentally while scrolling for images.

Although she's now trying to see the funny side, Emma is now too scared to relist the item, which retails for $300 on Ninja Kitchen's official site, and reckons she'll just give it away to a friend instead.

Emma, from Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, said: "It wasn't until my lunch break at work when I opened Facebook and realized there was a problem. I had about 50 friend requests and around 100 Facebook messages.

"I checked my Instagram and it was the same story. I'd gained about 150 new followers and my message requests folder was filled with over 100 messages.

"The messages ranged from questions about the air fryer to 'does the rack in the last pic come with the Ninja?' and some cruder."

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