Going Commando Among The Most Unacceptable Ways To Dress For The Gym

When you go to the gym you see folks in all different sorts of attire. And while what people wear to the gym is really nobody else’s business, it seems there are some people who are committing some truly offensive and gross behavior with how they choose to dress for their workout.

According to a new survey:

  • Almost half of Americas (49.1%) admit to wearing dirty clothes to the gym, something 45.4% of gym goers deem unacceptable.
  • The thing folks find most unacceptable is going commando to the gym, with 47.5% of people saying that’s unacceptable behavior, even though 33.8% admit to doing it.
  • Men are 35.8% more likely to go commando to the gym than women.
  • Other offensive gym attire include:
    • Wearing a waist trainer, which 46.3% have done, and 17.3% find unacceptable.
    • Wearing jewelry, which 41% have done, and 34.7% find unacceptable.
    • Wearing makeup, which 39.2% have done, and 30.4% find unacceptable.
    • Going braless, which 37.3% have done, and 36.6% find unacceptable.
  • As for what is acceptable gym attire, most people consider those who do yoga the best dressed (20.4%), followed by:
    • Dance (18.7%)
    • Cycling (15.3%)
    • Walking (8.9%)
    • Boxing (5.4%)
  • As for the most popular brands of workout clothing:
  • Adidas tops the list with 56.9% preferring that brand, followed by:
    • Nike (56.4%)
    • Under Amour (29.8%)
    • Athleta (23.5%)

Source: Treadmill Reviews

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