Women Share The Easiest Way To Spot A Cheater

How can you tell if your man is a cheater? According to TikTok, all it takes is a quick peek in his bathroom. The site is full of videos of women doing just that and finding women’s products, leading them to believe they’re not the only woman in his life after all.

Based on the advice from ladies on TikTok, a woman named Suhey Lee decided to use the tactic to find out if the guy she was seeing has a girlfriend. She posted a video of her bathroom investigation and it’s racked up more than 3.4-million views, so a lot of people are invested. When she looked in the shower, she found a “his” and “hers” razor, along with some vanilla bean body scrub. She also saw a lavender room spray in the bathroom, which is something a guy could totally have, but when she asked him about it, he didn’t even know what she was talking about.

Now this guy did mention that he has a sister who lives in another state and he backtracked to say his sister bought the lavender spray, but Lee wasn’t buying it. She shares that she got out of there after finding the female’s items in the bathroom and says she blocked him after that. And just in case she was doubting herself, people confirm her suspicions in the comments.

  • “I’m a dude and use the scrubs and the air fresheners, but the venus razor is a dead giveaway,” writes one man.
  • “He definitely has a girlfriend,” comments another user. “I would never leave my stuff in my brother’s bathroom.”
  • “I have three brothers and none of them EVER had female products for me at their place,” shares one woman. “Don’t accept these excuses please ladies unless you see the sister.”

Source: BuzzFeed

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