Private Investigator Makes $87 Per Hour to See If Partners Are Cheating

Got a slight suspicion your partner may be being unfaithful to you? You may wish to consider booking yourself a private investigator.

Alison Harris, 54, from Oxfordshire, gets paid $87 per hour to find evidence of cheating spouses – and also finds missing people and people who owe money too.

She runs Miss AM Investigating and has revealed the red flags that commonly indicate that a partner is cheating.

Speaking to Fabulous, she said: “The obvious one is if they suddenly start taking an interest in themselves, how they look, perhaps they change how they look, they lose weight, and start going to the gym.

“Another sign is if they carry their phone everywhere. That’s a huge red flag. 

“They could also suddenly decide on this hobby that you had absolutely no idea they wanted to do before.

Alison stressed that contrary to what some people may think, women are just as likely to cheat as men are.

She said: “Yeah, it’s 50:50. I’ve had quite a few male clients.”

Alison stressed the importance of hiring a private investigator if you do think your partner is acting differently.


Alison insisted that private investigators may sometimes be “tarred with some kind of seedy little brush” but the majority are “professional people doing a professional and caring job.”

Despite seeing cases such as one person who cheated on their partner with their next-door neighbor, Alison said the job hasn’t ruined her opinion of relationships.

Alison, who is married, said: “That’s life, unfortunately, you have to realize there are going to be people that do that, but it hasn’t given me a jaded view of life.”

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