Study: Sharing A Bed With Your S.O. Has Unexpected Benefits

Do you sleep better when you’re next to your partner? New research from the University of Arizona reveals some surprising benefits of sleeping with your boo. For one, it suggests that sharing a bed with your significant other can actually make you feel like you’ve had a better night of rest.

Some couples struggle with a partner who snores, the tugging of blankets or getting too warm when cuddled up in bed, all of which can interrupt your sleep. But this new study of a thousand adults in the U.S. points to the positive impact snoozing next to your sweetie can have. The findings show:

  • Compared to those who slept alone, folks who shared a bed with their partner reported feeling less tired the next day.
  • They were also able to fall asleep faster and sleep longer.
  • Participants who slept next to their S.O. also had lower depression, anxiety and stress scores than those who slept alone.
  • Sleeping with a partner was also linked to greater social support and satisfaction with life and relationships.
  • And on the flip side, sleeping with kids was associated with more insomnia and sleeping alone was associated with higher depression scores and lower life and relationship satisfaction.

“Very few research studies explore this, but our findings suggest that whether we sleep alone or with a partner, family member, or pet may impact our sleep health,” explains senior study author Dr. Michael Grandner, director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the University of Arizona. “We were very surprised to find out just how important this could be.”

Source: Science Alert

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