Albuquerque Expands Speed Cameras Along Busy Streets

The City of Albuquerque announced three new mobile speed cameras, along Lead, Coal and Unser. 

Officials say mobile cameras can and will be moved regularly, to urge drivers not to exceed the speed limit in these areas. Especially the Lead/Coal corridor, which is notorious for multiple speeding-related crashes and deaths over the years.

“We call this the Lead/Coal speedway,” said District 6 Neighborhood President, Dr. Peter Belleto. “When you talk to residents who live here, they’re afraid to cross the road. Bicyclists, you know, take out extra insurance, because they don’t know if they’re going to make it to the destination they’re choosing to use because of speeders.”

Mayor Tim Keller said Albuquerque is the worst in the country for pedestrian safety, and by this time last year, the city had issued 17,500 Moving Traffic Citations and recorded 31 deadly crashes.

“This year with the increased traffic enforcement, we’re up to 29,580 citations—that are issued by a live officer—and we’re down to 23 fatals,” added the APD Motors Unit Lt. Nick Wheeler. “Again, that’s too many.”

The city said it hopes to bring those numbers down to zero with speed cameras and a new Aggressive Driving Unit within APD to follow up on road rage and hit-and-run incidents. The department says it plans to activate a new link Monday, where the public can submit their own photos and videos of traffic-related incidents.

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