ICYMI: Dog Chased by Gorillas After Wandering Into Zoo Enclosure

SAN DIEGO - Dramatic video captured the moment a stray dog wandered into the gorilla enclosure at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park — as the crowd of visitors went ape over the ensuing monkey business.

Staff and guests “were shocked to see a dog inside of the gorilla enclosure, and called San Diego Humane Society for help,” the San Diego Human Society said on Facebook about the scary incident Sunday.

“It’s believed that the stray dog wandered into the park on his own and managed to get inside the habitat before being spotted,” the organization said.

“Thankfully, Zoo staff were able to move the gorillas into a separate area while three of our Humane Officers leashed the dog and brought him to safety!” it said, adding that the male shepherd has been nicknamed “Mighty Joe Young.”

Park visitor Desteniey Pickett told CBS 8 that her family noticed the pooch running around in a panic as the beast began to chase it around the enclosure.

She said some guests called for help while others yelled one gorilla’s name in efforts to distract it from the canine interloper.

The employees finally managed to coax the gorillas to another area of the enclosure and the San Diego Humane Society rescued the dog.

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