*LIST* The Healthiest Community In The U.S. Is…

While a lot of people do the best they can to stay healthy, sometimes their environment may be doing things that sabotage them without them even knowing. There's no doubt some areas in the country do a better job at making sure their residents are as healthy as possible, and now a new report reveals which ones are the best out there.

  • “U.S. News & World Report” has teamed with the CVS Health for their fifth annual Healthiest Communities Ranking.
  • They evaluated 3,000 communities nationwide across 89 health-related metrics in ten categories, including, Education and Population Health to Infrastructure and Environment.
  • For a third year in a row, Los Alamos County in New Mexico is the healthiest community.
  • Los Alamos earns its highest points in categories of Housing, Population Health, Public Safety and Infrastructure.
  • The states with the highest median overall scores are Rhode Island, Minnesota and Iowa, while the lowest are found in Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas.

2022 Top 10 Healthiest Communities

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  1. Los Alamos County, New Mexico
  2. Falls Church, Virginia
  3. Douglas County, Colorado
  4. Morgan County, Utah
  5. Carver County, Minnesota
  6. Sioux County, Iowa
  7. Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
  8. Hamilton County, Indiana
  9. Broomfield County, Colorado
  10. Delaware County, Ohio

Source: U.S. News & World Report

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