Most Americans Prefer To Spend Their Money Locally

While it’s certainly easy and convenient to shop online and get stuff delivered to your doorstep, it seems plenty of Americans who would rather give their money to smaller businesses.

A new survey finds:

  • More Americans, 67%, trust local businesses, than they do corporate multinationals (59%) and franchises (61%).
    • Top reasons why folks like to shop locally include:
    • Helps my community (39%)
    • My money goes to a business that needs it (37%)
    • Better quality (34%)
    • More tailored to my area/needs (32%)
    • Transparency about sources (32%)
    • Fair treatment of all employees (31%)
    • Less middle men (31%)
    • Needs of consumers come first (30%)
  • 57% of Americans say they are happy to spend more on goods that are locally sourced.
  • 59% say they can easily find such locally sourced products where they live.

And it’s not incredibly hard for people to identify local businesses in their area.

  • One of the top ways include finding a business being owned by someone on the community (44%), followed by one that has community member staff (40%).
  • Overall, those polled can identify five businesses that they say are active in their community.
  • 56% say they feel they are well informed about business’ community involvement. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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